Photography "Light Painting" (Inert Demon)

In collaboration with Borjan Zarevski.


"Inert Demon": “Now go tell people you saw me naked — if you can!”

The series is about naked truth – aletheia in Greek, meaning unveiled.

The truth of "male gaze" occurs when the camera puts the audience into the perspective of a heterosexual man lingering over the curves of a woman's body. Perspective constructed by the person behind the camera, that of the characters represented, and that of the spectator. The concept was first developed by feminist film critic Laura Mulvey in her essay entitled "Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema". There is a controlling force in visual arts "erected" for the pleasure of the male viewer, which is deeply rooted in patriarchal discourses.

In these series I directed my Actaeon as well as he directed me. Words are powerless.