“Askesis” is a discipline of the body and spirit inclined towards perfection! - means "exercise" or "training" and it can be applied on arts and crafts.

Also the name of one of my series of paintings. Painted in mixed media, this one based on the book "Ladder of Divine Ascent" by Saint John Climacus, which develops the quest for perfection in thirty-three steps.

I combined several techniques and theological interpretations, as well as a personal interpretation of these steps we can understood as key-frames in a movie amination leading to technical perfection.

Once the painting is finished it can be declined by the method “clinamen” which means a deviation, literally a declination - the vertical fall into the void, which allows artists and their works to clash with other artworks and artists. This deviation is spatially and temporally indeterminate and random, it helps us to understand the creativity and the human freedom.

Mixed media on soft paper, 51x78, from 2012 ongoing project

Single Paintings